What is a good thread count for bedsheets?

by Store Livonti

We love to buy home decor products. Decorating our house and filling it up with things that are visually appealing or which make our life comfortable is what we look for in everything we buy. 

Bedsheets are an essential part of our lives. We spend at least one-third of our lives sleeping or attempting to do so. This roughly means about 26 years of sleep. Wow!

Now that you have digested that bit of information, I’m sure you’re wondering how I'll know which bed sheet is going to make me comfortable? Cotton is what we all know to be easily washable, durable, soft, breathable, and that’s all we’ve really noticed. 

Thread count? Hmm, yes, we do know high thread count is for good bedsheets and low thread count means not so good. With so many brands claiming their bedsheets are of a high thread count, we’re often confused about which one to trust. 

So let’s decode the mystery of thread count in a simple language here. Thread count is the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically per square inch of fabric. 

Bedsheets are available from 90 to 1000 Tc and above. Bedsheets lower than 100 are generally not considered good in quality as to keep the price low they use inferior quality cotton yarn. Sheets with high thread counts are usually made with multiple yarns twisted together which doesn’t improve the quality of the fabric. 

And what about the belief that 1000 Tc bedsheet is the best and 100 Tc fabric is bad?

Not true. Some low count thread sheets are made in high-quality cotton threads and finished very nicely which makes them superior to a higher thread count sheet made with low-quality cotton yarn. 

Knowing the brand and their values is important, to understand what do they think about quality. Do not go by just looking at the thread count. Instead, try to know the people behind the brand and what do they stand for.

Also, be aware of the cotton weave. Some of you might like smooth fabrics touching your skin, hence sateen finish cotton works best for you while others like breathable fabrics and yarn-dyed chambrays are appropriate while if you prefer crisp sheets, then go for percale.

We at Livonti believe in complete honesty and transparency. We have been in this business for more than two decades and understand fabric well.

Our bedsheets range from 140 Tc which are our yarn-dyed bedsheets made in premium cotton yarns which makes the fabric good in quality. Soft, breathable, light, and durable, these sheets have a crafty, boho look and are part of our daily essentials. Consider them if you have small kids, wash your bedsheets too often, or get bored and prefer new bedsheets every few years.

On the highest side, we have our luxurious 600 Tc fitted and flat bedsheets made of long-staple premium quality cotton yarns which makes these bedsheets, hotel-style, dream bed sheets. These cotton sateen sheets have a nice sheen, are smooth, fitted, durable, and stand for luxury. Consider them as a good investment if you are looking for long lasting bedsheets.

Make your decision wisely and do not get caught up with the jargon.

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Written By: Pramila Gupta

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