How to keep the fitted bed sheets tight?

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Often, we buy fitted bedsheets, and after two washes notice that the sheets keep slipping off the mattress or are loose fitted.

 Next time, you are ready to pick your fitted sheets, do keep few things in mind.

  • Fabric is really important. Linen and Cotton are firm so they do not slip easily. Satin or silk are slippery fabrics, hence might slip off from the corner of the mattress easily. Choose cotton so the bed sheet holds the mattress firmly.
  • The bed size should be the same as your fitted sheet size. If you have a King size bed, then you should be buying the King size fitted double bed sheet. Measure your mattress if you are unsure about your bed size and order accordingly. 
  • Most fitted sheets have elastic on only the four corners, but those which have elastic all around hugs the mattress better and prevents it from slipping. Make sure to buy fitted bedsheets with all-around thick 10 to 12 mm elastic.
  • The drop or depth of the fitted bed sheet should be more than the height of your mattress. The usual height of the mattress is anywhere between 6” to 10”. The drop of the fitted sheet should be at least 12” which ensures that the bed sheet will not slip off easily. 

Just by keeping these four simple things in mind, you can buy your double or single fitted bedsheets, rest assured that they will fit perfectly on your mattress.

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