How to buy the perfect cotton bed sheet online?

by Store Livonti

We all know that one-third of our life is spent sleeping on our beds. Imagine buying a great mattress for a good night sleep, but then covering it up with a cheap polyester bedsheet. The entire night can be a nightmare with our bodies feeling scratchy or sweaty.

But, how do you know which is the right bed sheet for you? Here are some simple tips to consider while picking up a bedsheet for home so we always end up sleeping peacefully.

  • Know your fabrics before buying your bed sheet

  • We know cotton is a natural fabric and is very breathable and long-lasting. But in cotton itself, there are many weaves.

    Cotton Satin or Sateen is a one-yarn-under, three-yarn-over weave which gives it a silky and luxurious feel. The fabric has a subtle sheen and is slightly heavy and perfect for people who love a smooth, soft feel. Check out our 600 Tc cotton satin bedsheets in solids and stripes for a premium hotel-style look and feel at home.

    Cotton Percale is a one-yarn-over, one-yarn-under weave which gives the fabric a matte finish and a cool, crispy feel. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, gets softer after every wash, and is perfect for hot sleepers. Check our 200 Tc cotton percale bedsheets for a daily essential, durable bed sheet.

    Chambray or yarn-dyed cotton is another plain weave where dyed cotton yarns and white yarns are used to make the fabric. This gives the bed sheet a handwoven look and the colour does not fade easily. The bedsheets are light, airy and very breathable and perfect for people looking for fashionable beddings. Check our 140 Tc yarn dyed collection in stripes and tiny polka for daily essential, modern bed linen.

  • Look at the thread count and the quality of the cotton used

  • Bedsheets over 140 Tc are usually good in quality if the cotton yarn used to make the fabric is of premium quality. The higher the thread count, the thicker and long-lasting the fabric is.

    All our cotton bed sheets are made of high-quality cotton yarn making them soft, breathable and durable. Our factory is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified which is an international certification for safe, chemical free products. 

    Know if you are looking to invest in a sophisticated, classic buy or a smart, fashionable sheet, as that determines the price of the bed sheet. 

  • Check the size carefully

  • Bedsheets are available in varied sizes so check your mattress size before ordering your favourite bed sheet. For fitted bedsheets, you should consider measuring the height too so the elastic of the bedsheet fits tightly and does not slip off the bed. 

  • Be mindful of the designs and colour

  • Since colours and emotions are so closely linked, it is important to consider the colour of your bedsheet so it looks in sync with your room colour and elevates your mood too. If you have heavy wallpaper or busy walls, consider buying soft colours and fewer prints. Go for solids or stripes or simple florals. Go darker in your bed sheets if you have very light or white walls. This can add colour and brightness to your room. 

    Play with textured cushions to add variety and personality to your bedroom.

    By keeping these few things in mind, a bedroom look can be created very easily and you won’t go wrong while shopping bedsheets online. Knowing your fabric, thread count, quality of the cotton yarn, size and colour are simple ways to buying the right home linen every time.

    What do you think? Do you have any other pointers that you look at while purchasing your bed linen?

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