What is the difference between yarn dyed fabric and printed fabric?

by Store Livonti

Yarn dye fabric is like an art piece.

The colours and designs are planned before the fabric is woven. Each cotton yarn is dyed then, to the chosen colours in batches, and the fabric is woven.

The printed bed sheet is made by taking a ready, undyed fabric and coloured by different methods on the top, to create beautiful prints.

In yarn dyes, you can see the design on both sides whereas, in a print, the design is only visible in the front of the fabric.

Both sides help the fabric to hold the colour much better, hence yarn dyes don’t fade that easily. The colour continues to look great wash after wash, making the sheets durable and long lasting.

The weaving of the sheet can be done in different ways, creating a crafty, hand made look, and a slight texture which makes it very appealing.

There are many weaves, where each one has a distinct look.

Our yarn dyed bedsheets in polka dots, our stripes and chambray are simple yet evergreen designs. The contemporary design looks good in modern, vintage, as well as Indian decor. 

Be it prints, solids or yarn dyed, when you understand the journey of your fabric, you appreciate the workmanship behind it much more.

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