Vastu Shastra - 6 Tips for Your Home that You Can Do Today

by Store Livonti

A lot of us get overwhelmed thinking about Vastu and we never really start the small changes. Small does not mean ineffective. Many times, these have proven to be game-changers.

So read on for Six Super Small and Super effective Vastu Tips.


  • Toilets in the wrong direction - This is very common. However did you know just keeping some camphor, halite salt ( sendha namak ) or alum in a small bowl, can minimise the negative energies due to wrong placement.


  • Place to keep passport / PR documents - If you want to travel frequently or settle abroad, try to keep your documents related to travel in the Northwest of the house.


  • If you or anyone in the family is emotionally feeling low- The zone between Northeast and East is a good zone for this person to spend time in. This zone is the zone of fun and happiness. The person can sit here, read, listen to music or even sleep. One other such place is the zone between Southeast and South.


  • Plants - This is an inexpensive way to improve the Vastu of your home. Tulsi in the Northeast, along with Banana and Amla is a good combination. If the woman of the house lights up a ghee-diya every evening (except Sundays), it is believed to give positive effects on the entire family.


  • Broom - The broom is considered as an embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi. Keeping it in the Southwest or west is considered the right thing to do. Always keep it flat on the ground, and not in a standing position. Make sure, it's treated with respect and don't move it around with your feet. Keep it in a way so it’s not easily visible.  


  • Colours for everything - Be it mats, curtains or bedsheets, when you put the right colours in the zone - you end up getting benefits of that zone. North is the direction of money and opportunities. The colour for North is blue. East is known for government help and is enhanced by green. Southeast which stands for cash-flow should ideally be in pinks and reds, Southwest should be yellow, and West should ideally be white. 


Did you find these tips useful? Is there something else that you do which is as easy but effective. Comment below. 


Written By - Pooja Gupta ( Vastu Consultant )

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